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MCAT test dates in the United States, Canada and international locations

MCAT test dates for 2022 and MCAT score release dates are presented on this page. Here, you can also find helpful information on MCAT registration fees; testing centers in the United States and US territories, Canada, and international locations; and MCAT test day rules and procedures.

When should you take the MCAT? Ideally, you would choose an available MCAT test date at a convenient location that allows you the most study time while balancing the score release date which will give you time to submit your MCAT score relatively early in the application cycle.

2022 MCAT test dates and score release schedule in the US

2022 MCAT test dates and score release schedule in Canada

MCAT registration fees and international MCAT testing locations

MCAT test day tips and test center procedure's MCAT Guide

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